Monday, May 05, 2008


Okay, all you artists who faithfully tune in to this's where you can take a swing at the surfer, on the condition that you allow ME to take a swing back at YOU! I took a couple of T pics from a lot of angles so that you can choose what moves you. If I get eough replies I will start a seperate blog for this. Take your shot!!

Burger King Caricature

I personally think that The Burger King ( or as I call it The "BK" Steakhouse) In Hewlett Log Island has some of the best tasting Burgers around. Not to mention that the decor of the restaurant is set up like a 1950's Diner complete with a "Caddie table" that's straight outta the pulp fiction movie... well.... sorta.
After eating my burger, I was, as usual, minding other people's business, and drawing their pictures. This ma, Vernon, stopped by to admire what I was doing,and before he knew it, he was sitting down getting his caricature draw! Vernon works at the Minuteman Press printing shop across the street from BK. It's always good to have a printer as a friend if you're an artist.

Great Sardis art

You Never get tired of looking at these walls....

Deja Vu at Sardi's Too!

The 2d time around was as good as the first... except for the lighting.... I was on the 2nd fl this time

Post Sardis Sketch on The A Train

Can you BELIEVE it!? Sardi's loved me so much that they requested me again for ANOTHER gig yesterday evening! I was so "high" from the gig that I couldt stop drawig when I got on the train!.....
wait a miute...
That's what I normally do.
Heres a sketch of a woman who just couldnt stop talking.