Monday, October 24, 2011

WPIX 11 Interviews Elgin Subwaysurfer Bolling

My thanks to the people at WPIX Channel 11 for giving me an opportunity to appear on air this morning.
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After viewing the broadcast clip, I'd like to say first how
thankful I am to my mom, for teaching me to sit up straight and tall, and talk in a clear strong voice, when discussing something important.

The actual interview was considerably longer, but Network News understandably has strict
time restraints to devote to each story, some of which never see any airtime whatsoever, so I am very grateful to the folks at Channel 11 News.

I would truly welcome a media opportunity to tell my side of this more extensively, and in it's entirety. This is an important issue that is worthy Of discussion and shouldn't not be reduced to a few soundbites. this is an important issue on many levels, and people need a balanced view that they can only receive when hearing both sides.

It's not right for someone as influential as a Congressman to label me as something that I never dreamed I'd be called in my life! He's not just attacking the entity known as "The Wave Newspaper", he's attacking me, the cartoonist who drew the picture. After all cartoons don't draw themselves, people draw draw them.

This is an act of bullying.