Thursday, January 10, 2008

old stuff that looks NEW! Five

I love to make fun of myself. As a caricature artist you have to have a sense of humour and how can i "slam" others on paper and NOT slam myself. I try to do a self caricature everyday. Heres a few.

old stuff that looks NEW Fore

I remember drawing the guest of honor at a Bat Mitzvah, and needless to say, the 13 yo gurl/woman I was drawing"big lungs". She was very popular I imagine that day with the 13 yo boy/men who were in attendance. I couldnt help thinking of this cartoon that I WANTED to draw, but DARED NOT draw at the party! Her parents would've killed me! LOL!
I was also in a fast food joint with another young miss with big lungs who undoubtedly made a lot of boys forget their order...
While at the same party this guy comes up in a good mood and he's wearing braces. Most people are really self concious about me drawing the and I asked him if I could . He gave a big smile and a thumbs up, literally, and said GO FOR IT DUDE! It made a great picture. I was in Starbucks and saw this guy just staring into space absent mindedly holding his coffee cup. He really looked like a parrot that just escaped and was wondering what the heck happened to his cage...

old stuff that looks NEW! Three!

I did a party in Manhattan for a group of Indian Businessmen. They have GREAT variety and personality in their faces and expressions. One guy in particular, the first picture, was actually SHOCKED to find out that he wasnt as good looking as he imagined himself to be. He kept staring at the drawing, and repeating the words, "is this me???" "is this ME??" " is THIS ME?!!" yeah, it's you pumpkin...heh, heh..

old stuff that looks NEW TOO!

Old stuff that looks NEW!

I just finished copying some of my old work from 2005-2006 featured on my old website at So of you might not have seen this stuff since it was buried. I've decided to feature some of it here and as I was going through everything I saw it with new eyes. In some ways, I think I drew with much more freedom years ago than I do now. This could be due to the fact that ive been doing a lot of commission work where the clients make constraints on you. Anyway lets start the parade!