Tuesday, March 03, 2009

"I hate riding the train at midnight"

Im still at the studio healing and doing my comics with all the spare time i have. I am LOVING it. I did this one last night, and was almost giddy uploading it.

Some caricatures just stick with you. I drew this picture a few weeks back of this solitary woman riding the train and midnight unescorted. I felt there was a potential story here but couldnt put my finger on what it should be. After taking to a friend of mine, a petite woman who did a lot of late night subway commuting herself, I came up with a story with her in mind. The woman I caricatured here even is wearign one of my friend's "signature" berets. This srory, I hate taking the train at Midnight, is dedicated to all you intrepid female subway riders.

I consider Robert Crubm, to be THE best New York City Cartoon artists, so this work was also drawn with a "Crumb Vibe" Crumb, as Ive said in earlier posts is one of my influences.
Enjoy and please comment!