Saturday, February 09, 2008

Another Raving Beauty

This lady reminded you of one of those gigantic female soviet athletes you sometimes see in the olympic games who are usually named Olga. What made her funnier was that in contrast to her size, she had a rail thin, veeery tiny husband(not pictured here) and a kid would had mastered the art of screaming. Her obnoxious child kept up this constant racket, and every now and then Olga would hell at the bratty child , "NO SCREAMING!!!"

I drew this on offwhite staples coverstock using a 6B pencil using an old piece of tissue paper to shade it. I've hunted down an old blending stump tool that I'll start carrying around with me so that I can do my shading with more precision.
I'm having such great results with my new found love for pencil drawing, that it seems unlikely that I will go back to pen anytime soon.

Ordinarily I prefer drawing a subject in three quarter view so that i can see the more interesting lanscape of the face. I'm starting to appreciate profile shots more and more, as often times its the only view you get of a subject while riding the train. This face was so compelling that I didnt feel a need to draw the body even though it was equally compelling.