Friday, June 11, 2010

Subway drawings for the week

Heres what came up this week.Excuse the pencil lines!

Would YOU have this caricature artist draw at YOUR PARTY?

Realistically, from the AVERAGE consumers point of view, probably not.
As a get older and realize that as a PARTY artist potential consumers aren't AS interested in how well I can ROCK and exaggeration, I find that Im toning down my PRESENTATION style when courting them for their life giving dollars. To do otherwise purely for the sake of "NOT BEING A SELLOUT" may feed the ego, while the body starves for lack of food.

Let's face it, a lot of us caricature artists do this NOT JUST for the Pure ART of it but to make a living. Anyone who is in the business of making money knows that unless they are exceptionally gifted and in high demand, that the CONSUMER is the one who leads the dance, dollars and cents being their dance card. When someone is shopping for a caricature artist they are looking for someone whose work is clever, appealing, and pleasing to the eye. Outrageously drawn caricatures like the one I did here, and LOVE, mind you, only make them run to find an artist more appealing to their eyes. The general public is not as educated on what caricature is in OUR world, and unless they have artistic aspirations, really DO NOT CARE. Think about it; Do you want your little Joey looking in a similar way that Ive drawn myself to hang on your wall? JOEY may LOVE it, but Mom and Pop are paying for it, so THATS who you SELL to.
The great thing about selling to what appeals to people is that you ALWAYS find a few at the event who WANT this extreme pic and you can be free to go wild on them.
I know that some may not agree with everything said, but it's just been my experience, having been an "extreme exaggerator" and noticing what people end up BUYING. Believe me, it's RARELY this. At least not from ME.