Tuesday, July 15, 2008

New Promo pages

I normally post these on my "hire me" site, but Im so excited about my new promo jpegs that I send to clients that I wanted to post them here too. I originally made these pages in Powerpoint, and was going to save the document as a PDF file to send to clients. I found out that Powerpoint had a save as a jpeg option so i was able to make each individual page as its own Jpeg. I believe the overall visual impact will be a lot stronger if clients see they specific type of caricature services Im offering on one page, rather than having to comb through a blog. I especially like that im demonstrating versatility with the art form as well. Caricature as Fine Art, Caricature as Entertainment art, Caricature as cartoony art. I hope the response will be positive.

I want to thank Fellow caricature artist, Alison Gelbman(she's the blong at starbucks in the live party caricature picture) for encouraging me to update my promo materials, a habit she does religiously.You never stop selling. As fun as drawing is, this IS a business, as well.