Sunday, June 19, 2011


In 2009, I wanted to give my father a gift that was more lasting than a tie, brut aftershave, or a wallet. I decided to give him a memory. I wrote and illustrated a story in a powerpoint comic book about how he helped me to overcome an all too familiar theme today; BULLYING. My Dad gave me a book of self defense, even demonstrated the techniques in the middle of the living room floor, something very unusual, given his conservative, non demonstrative nature. I went on to regain my self esteem as well as a life long fascination with the Asian Fighting arts that gave me so much in terms of personal development, friendships, and of course, personal fitness. The story doesn't end here. I submitted this PowerPoint comic to and it resulted in me winning a ipad computer tablet. The story resonated with so many people literally overnight,m that I was shocked. I  cant tell you how much this little Ipad has helped my work Thanks dad!

All because I wanted to give my father more than a tie, some aftershave, and a wallet.