Thursday, March 18, 2010

sketch adventure! Galt Aureus - The Armada

Just wanted to share this bit of animation and music that was a total surprise today. Originally I was looking for a limited animation vid, saw the picture and clicked on it.In no time flat I was immediately caught up in the story and the song, The limited animation was cleverly done, and complimented the beautiful vocals perfectly. I thought about comic writer/historian, Scott Mc Cloud of "UNDERSTANDING COMICS",fame who often spoke about the perfect marraige of words and pictures that is so elusive, but when it works, it's a wonder to behold.

A clip like this is a great example of when a writer/artist collaboration WORKS, and is definitely a "commercial" for the "less is more" school of limited animation. I loved the way the artist skillfully incorporated seleccted words and phrases into the animation throughout. This technique served to re emphasize the lyrics and enhanced their vocal impact. The animation was also so simply drawn that you didnt get overly distracted by the beautiful drawing and forget about the song and the lyrics. The artist very skillfully changeed the mood of the piece when the hero went "into the abyss" to rescue the love of his life, who was trapped in the cage. There was even a fight scene! fantastic stuff!!!