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Here are more digitized caricature makeovers done of previous subwaysurfing caricatures I did of subway commuters in pencil. As usual, the results were very dramatic.


I recently started digitally painting some of my Black and White Graphite Caricatures using the Art Studio App. Once I colored the pictures in I was surprised to find out  how...er...Mobster Like These three Business looked. Makes me wonder just WHAT kind of Business these guys were in.



I had privilege in December to do a job for Microsopft at  theirGreat Neck Long Island location.  . My job was to demonstrate the capabilities of their Surface Pro drawing tablet using their FRESH PAINT App. The job was a lot of fun as I drew shoppers who braved a major snowstorm at the time! As I drew on the Surface Pro my work was shown on a giant screen opposite the Microsoft Store in the Mall.

I appreciated the help I got from the Staff at the Microsoft Store so much that I drew several of them on my Ipad Art Studio App as thanks for a wonderful time  Just to clear up any confusion I drew these caricatures OFF SITE  and NOT on the actual job. To use an APPLE product and Software on a Microsoft job would have been tasteless, disrespectful and stupid not to mention rude!   As Ive done with many of my clients after a satisfying job, I will draw mini gift caricatures of them as a way of thanking them. Since I d not personally own Surface Pro or Fresh Paint i simply used what I had available , namely the Ipad and Art studio. In no way was this meant to be a DIS to the People at Microsoft.  Here are some of the pictures.

The "OH! What FUN! " Phrase was the stores tag line for the Holiday Season.