Friday, October 12, 2012

The "Scribble Scrabble" studio Caricature Drawing technique

Those who CAN teach!

im sure that most people have heard or even used the expression, "Those who can't teach". Inherent in this subtle putdown, is the belief that an instructor is resigned to "just teaching" a given subject because they are unable to perform adequately the thing they are teaching. As a result of this cock eyed mode of reasoning we look at vocal instructors as"failed singers", coaches as"wanna be athletes" and art teachers as"frustrated artists."


Nothing could be farther from the truth. The fact is that teaching is a calling, of sorts. A person who teaches, has such a passion for their subject that it's unbearable to contain it within themselves! They have a need to impart it to others. Why does this need exist? I would say it's out of the sincere, selfless desire to have another experience the same level of joy that the teacher feels themselves when engaged in the activity. Although a "bad analogy" it's kind of like the moron who blasts his music loudly in his car. He's grooving on heavy metal and wants "everyone"to share in the experience right down to the last decibel!


If you dig deep enough, you'll find that that most teachers have achieved a level of notoriety and success in their chosen fields. That broken down, raspy voice, boxing coach with the nasty smelling cigar and beer belly, was regional or state champion in his prime, that piano teacher may have been a concert pianist who traveled Europe in her youth, the list goes on, and on. Sometime in the process of working on their own careers people find that they have a knack for imparting information to others. They find that while pursuing their own careers, they love to see others make it too, and view them as kindred spirits not competitors. Teachers are not wanna bees, on the contrary , because of their love for their topic, they've studied it above and beyond what the casual observer, the hobbyist, or even the so called "natural" has.


 Without teaching knowledge dies. Nothing is more tragic than that. For years I have been the admirer of a particular pastor who serves a congregation in a so called Urban area, that most men in his position, given the same level of education opportunity, and breeding would have abandoned. And yet, he has been a staple in the community fir several generations. His social, administrative and political skills are legendary. He genuinely loved, honored and respected by the people he serves. I've often said to him that I hoe he is training someone to take his place because if he doesn't, what he's built, and the knowledge he posesses will due with him, never to be reproduced in another. Teaching is about reproducing. When I teach someone caricature and cartooning, it's a way if reproducing my knowledge so that it doesn't die with me. If I am successful in imparting to another I have the joy of knowing they will taje what I've given, and add to that what s uniquely their own, and give tray out to another. So the cycle continues. On and on. I guess that's what teaching is all about.