Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The great Chris Chua

When I want inspiration to draw CHUA is one of the guys I look to. SO adventurous so extreme with his caricature concept I wonder how his mind processes all this madness and STILL gets a great likeness. Amazing.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Monday, June 28, 2010

Clark from the F Train This Weekend

Clark here was bold enough to ask for his own caricature after seeing me draw a young lady sitting directly across from me on the train. How could I refuse?
This version is rather tame... I think I'll exaggerate it more later...heh, heh...

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Young Bearded man on Queens Bound A train Sat evening

I boarded the train at Chambers Street after an enjoyable afternoon in the city. I sat down next to this young man who had such a great face for caricature I could not wait to bet started. I had already been drawing for a little while much to the amusement of onlookers, and was in such a generous mood that I'd been literally giving caricatures away throughout my commute today. "who are you drawing now?" his female companion asked... I'm drawing your boyfriend, I replied. He has a great face!! and went immediately to work having just passed Jay Street Boro Hall. Thanks, He replied, but Im getting off next stop. I knew that the Hoyt street station was less than 30 second s away so I quickly made a gesture of him promising that I'd upload a memory sketch this evening. THIS is the final drawing.
One man was so impressed, that he gave me his business card and "demanded' a call! this was my second "demand" of the day, the first being an Advertising executive that Im currently doing a logo caricature for.
Definitely a good "hunting day!"

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Gig Photos

Havent Posted any live gig photos in a long time so here are a few
I really enjoy talking with the people who I draw and they never fail to inform , educate and entertain me with the stories of their lives, who they are, and what they've experienced. The man at the top is a painter and we had a fascinating discussion about painting , getting the likeness, expressing the soul of a person, all of those great things that only artists can share. After the pic was done, he kept looking at it incredibly as if in disbelief. It was wonderful. I could imagine this guy in his younger days with his hair slicked back wearing a zoot suit and fighting off the gurls with a stick. The older man in the bowler hat was a pro dancer in his younger days and did a lot of tap dancing overseas particularly in Asia. His stage name was "Flamingo" given to him by an appreciative fan who commented on how he floated across the floor with style, agility and effortless grace. Flamingo told me the story of how while in China he noticed the locals would carry these incredibly large bundles on their backs, which forced them to walk in a certain way to keep their balance. He incorporated that walk/shuffle step into his dance routine and called it the "Chinese Shuffle" It became his signature dance move.
Being a dancer myself, I could have talked to this guy for hours, but had to tend to the other guests.


In Route to a gig yesterday, I saw this guy on a 8th Ave Bound L Train sporting this BRILLIANT Tweety Bird Yellow Afro with this long yellow Fu Manchu Style Goatee. The Contrast of his Brightly colored hair next to his dark Chocolate Skin made for a dazzling combo. It wasnt enough to try to draw him, I boldly asked him could I take his picture to feature on my blog. To my surprise and delight, he smiled and compled, even posing long enough so I got a good shot.
His hair reminded me on an anime character which there ARENT too many African American ones, Gotta Love the New York Subway! You DONT see people like this ANYWHERE ELSE!!!
What I loved most about this guy was his confidence to be himself. In a world where every one is checking everyone else, or the media to tell them what to wear, hw to speak, what to listen to, here's a guy who says, I LIKE THIS STYLE, AND IM ROLLING WITH IT! He's a walking billboard for unbridled self expression, that's for sure! THIS is the real performance art using your own body as a canvas.

Friday, June 18, 2010

studies in Blue

...Girllie Mann with attitude on the Queens bound R train

Loved the attitude on this little Gurlie man I saw on the R train Yesterday...He caught be drawing him, suckled his teeth, Poked out his bottom lip, and turned his head oh so dramatically, just to show his annoyance. I loved drawing every bit of that personality.


Now THATS a lotta Jeans! LOL!
This is a great example how real people can enable you to develop great character design. I was having a meeting with a client, when this woman passed by. I immediately stopped in mid sentence, and started drawing her much to my clients delight. While watching her I marveled what kind of jeans might fit a woman possessing such a tremendous backside. In a flash the doorbuster jeans idea was born! Of course, I already had my model.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Beauty and The Beast On The Rockaway Park A Train

On The Rockaway Park Train The Animals run Free and Sometimes sit next to ya...Dont feed the animals though... ya might lose a finger...

In The Presence Of Warriors Caricatures From The VA Hospital

Just back from a fantastic gig at the Veterans Hospital In St Albans Queens. LOTS of Great faces to do yesterday afternoon. Here's a few of em

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Was looking over some old caricatues from years back and found this great picture of Bishop TD JAKES. For those unfamiliar with Jakes he is a The founder and Senior Pastor of THE POTTER'S HOUSE Church In Dallas Texas, whose membership is over 30,000
Bishop Jakes has gained worldwide noteriety not just for his preaching, but also for his philathrophic efforts in Africa, and in other parts of the World. He is also a NY Times bestselling author of 30 odd books,the current one, "REPOSITION YOURSELF", still doing phenomenially well as of this writing. As much as I enjoy the Bishops insight and dynamic vocal delivery, As a crazy caricature artist, I think he's equally famous for his ability to WITHOUT FAIL totally SOAK his shirts and jacket with perperation after every preaching session! I drew this picture of him in "mid sweat" so to speak!

More can be read about him HERE:

Friday, June 11, 2010

Subway drawings for the week

Heres what came up this week.Excuse the pencil lines!

Would YOU have this caricature artist draw at YOUR PARTY?

Realistically, from the AVERAGE consumers point of view, probably not.
As a get older and realize that as a PARTY artist potential consumers aren't AS interested in how well I can ROCK and exaggeration, I find that Im toning down my PRESENTATION style when courting them for their life giving dollars. To do otherwise purely for the sake of "NOT BEING A SELLOUT" may feed the ego, while the body starves for lack of food.

Let's face it, a lot of us caricature artists do this NOT JUST for the Pure ART of it but to make a living. Anyone who is in the business of making money knows that unless they are exceptionally gifted and in high demand, that the CONSUMER is the one who leads the dance, dollars and cents being their dance card. When someone is shopping for a caricature artist they are looking for someone whose work is clever, appealing, and pleasing to the eye. Outrageously drawn caricatures like the one I did here, and LOVE, mind you, only make them run to find an artist more appealing to their eyes. The general public is not as educated on what caricature is in OUR world, and unless they have artistic aspirations, really DO NOT CARE. Think about it; Do you want your little Joey looking in a similar way that Ive drawn myself to hang on your wall? JOEY may LOVE it, but Mom and Pop are paying for it, so THATS who you SELL to.
The great thing about selling to what appeals to people is that you ALWAYS find a few at the event who WANT this extreme pic and you can be free to go wild on them.
I know that some may not agree with everything said, but it's just been my experience, having been an "extreme exaggerator" and noticing what people end up BUYING. Believe me, it's RARELY this. At least not from ME.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

YMCA? No Way, In FAR ROCKAWAY! ... latest Wave Newspaper Editorial

Yet ANOTHER delay in the Building of the YMCA that residents have been promised for YEARS> The Building of the facility provide much needed jobs in the area as well as a welcome diversion from the vast amount of "NOTHING" that exists in Far Rock Going to DA BEACH can get Old real fast if youre a resident.
Halting of building is now due to it not being "energy efficient" what ever THAT Means....

astract Caricatures

As any experienced party artist will tell you, each particular caricature gig has it's own special challenges.For me, My pet peeve is LIGHT being an old timer who never had the best sight anyway, Being able to see REAL good at a gig is a necessity. I always always ALWAYS emphasize to potential clients the dire need i have for them to put me in a setting where their is ADEQUATE LIGHT. Now you'd think that this shouldn't have to be SAID at all. I mean, an artist is DRAWING a picture of a live human, which means he must be able to do two things, one, SEE the person he is drawing clearly, and two, to SEE the paper he is drawing the person on.
And yet.... Ive been at gigs that have the most elaborate table designs, the biggest balloons, miles of gourmet cuisine, and a a Primo DJ, and yet when I walk in the door I hear the words.... HMMMMMM..... so.... where should we sit YOU???? Usually it's next to the DJ. Artists and DJs go together like Peanut Butter and Prime Rib . DJ's THRIVE on DARKNESS and low lights Like vampire bats, and dont care one wit if the artist is comfortable...

But Ive gotten ahead of myself..

On with the story.
At this party the agent tells me point blank, at least he was honest... "I aint gonna lie to ya, the lighting is Piss Poor in here!" "but there's an outlet under the table so you can plug in yours.
He was right. The light was Poor. It was lit enough so that you could find your way to the bar, and even look a little like Brat Pitt in the Dim Light but for what I needed to do, I might as well have brought a seeing eye dog with me. My light cast ugly awkward shadows on peoples faces that made me unable to draw in my usual beautifully flowing semi realistic style... Within Three drawings, which were poor, I KNEW if I didnt do like the BORG and adapt, this party was gonna be a disaster.

I adapted.
Remembering how Hirschfeld one of my earlier influences worked with pure line quality got the essence of the face and had FUN. If I was gonna have a good drawing night I had to LET GO and abandon myself.

I did.

It was magical

I felt carried along, able to quickly and confidently pull the "quirks" and personality out of those faces faster than I normally would with my conventional style. I KNEW I was on a roll when I KEPT hearing behind me, HOW in the world does he capture them with SO FEW LINES??

Sure is good to have a coupla "emergency styles" in your artistic toolbox which is why I ALWAYS keep LEARNING and RELEARNING this art that i love so much.

Monday, June 07, 2010

Subway Prophet

As is often the case on Sunday, The Lord's Day, There was a prophet preaching the gospel on the train I was riding. This particular man of God had a very commanding appearance. Well over six feet tall... I swear he must have been around six ft five or more, complexion the color of a Hersey bar with a bushy,yet well trimmed salt and pepper goatee. You could almost see him wearing a robe sandals and carrying a shepherds staff. He spoke very articulately, slowly , and precisely, as if he was accustomed to being listened to and uninterrupted when he spoke. As soon as he finished his sermon, he rushed over to see the results of the caricature! LOL!

So Unique... I had to draw him TWICE.

There are SOME people that you reallllllly gotta ASK ....... NICELY... to do their caricature. My new friend, "UNIQUE" ... yeah, that's his name... is one of them. His appearance is truly as unique as his name is, and I literally approached him and ASKED to draw his pic to which he happily complied.
He had this star tattoo on his neck. I asked him if it hurt to put it on. In true "gangsta tough guy" mode, he simply replied,


most memorable face of the weekend

EASILY the most memorable face of the weekend. I had this great gig last Saturday that you "die for". PERFECT lighting, EASY to get to, Joyful, GENEROUS accommodating host, and guests who LOVED LOVED LOVED highly exaggerated caricatures! what more could I ask for? I was in artist heaven.
THIS man's face was sooooooo er.... compelling, that I actually had to prepare myself mentally before drawing him! He refused to remove his HAT because of self consciousness about being bald!!! THAT'S the least of your worries! I told him as I tore into this face with unbridled ferocious joy!!! He had a drop dead gorgeous wife though, but I cant quite remember her face! HIS was devastating as to block out the memory of hers....