Wednesday, August 13, 2008

New Color images

The first image is the caricature I WANTED to do at a gig last year of a client from canarsie Brooklyn. I didnt know how she would recieve an exaggerated version, but I always wanted to do one like this here. I also reworked a pic I did of a Frat boy who wanted me to do a massive 25 person caricature poster. This guy had such an intense look that I KNEW I wanted to slamm him at a later date and well, the date came yesterday. It never fails to amaze me how the buys in Bay Ridge Brooklyn CONTINUE to hold on to that 1970's Saturday Night Fever, Tony Monero Hair Doo like this greaser is sporting here. LET THE 70's GO!!!This final shovel faced gurl is a picture that was hidign in my sketchpad. I dont remeber if I copied this from another artist or actually drew it myself but its still a good pic, so I decided to use it.