Friday, April 15, 2011 Freelance work

Had a lot of fun drawing these Snooker Players for a recent client. heck, i didnt even KNOW what "Snooker" meant, it had to be explained to me! LOL! If you're into pool, as us yanks say it, then this site is definitely for you! Just make sure when you enter you stop all the loud talking. People are trying to play snooker here....

Ipad Gift Caricatures

Avatar Logo of Kettlebell Trainer Bob Garton

Hi Folks Havent posted in a couple of days... which is a way. I mean if I was a STARVING artist, Id have plenty of time to post, but since Im a working artist, I have to take care of business! Ive got some great stuff coming up in the form of new Ebooks and such for you to download and learn from, as well as an upcoming seminar at Jack Dempsey Bar in NYC April 20 on the art of character design ... but more on that later

Heres one great caricature Ive worked on for client, Bob Garton , a Fitness trainer specializing in exercising with the Kettlebell. Bob has LOTS of great stuff going on at his blogsite which you can view here:  I highly recommend you go to Bob's site. Kettlebell training is is unlike ANY strength program that you will ever practice, and works simultaneously in developing incredible levels of balance, coordination, physical strength and flexibility.Me, I just like the kettlebells because they look so cool! LOL dont do this on your own! let trained professional like Bob show you how to do this RIGHT. 
Speaking of RIGHT, thats exactly how I drew Bobs Caricature/LOGO check it out! Bob loved it so much that he made The SUBWAYSURFER a Commercial Testimonial! hows THAT for a satisfied customer?   No need to be jealous of Bob, you TOO can get your OWN cartoon , caricature Avatar, Logo to put on your Blog, Ebook or whatever. All you need do is shoot me an email explaining exactly what you want and i will work out the details with you.