Saturday, October 16, 2010

ipad cartoon of DILTON DOILEY from "THE RIVERDALE HIGH" project by Elgin Subwaysurfer Bolling

DILTON DOILEY is RIVERDALES resident Nerd slash boy Super Genius. Personally, I don't even know why he exists in the ARCHIE COMICS universe. He doesn't DO anything, he's hardly featured, and what's the use of a Nerd character anyway if he's NOT going to be occasionally the butt of a cruel joke? Even the infamous REGGIE MANTLE gives DILTON a "pass".

IMO the original creators of the character didn't go far enough, visually. If you're going to HAVE the character anyway, you may as well make him more odd than all the rest. The only thing they succeeded in doing is making him short and giving him glasses...whoopie.... funny.

If your going to give him glasses, give him coke bottle one so think they are embedded in his skull. Give him a uni-brow while you're at it and let's not forget the customary bucked teeth, and we are now talking total GEEK!

For a Nerdy character, DILTON surprisingly has a great head of hair. A little large in fact, like a big pompadour. I started to give him a muti colored Mohawk, but felt that would make the character too unrecognizable to fans who may be upset with my butchering anyway.

Not much more to say about the character psychologically speaking, as in my other posts. He's just NOT that interesting.
The Only unique thing about DILTON is that he is MOOSE'S BEST FRIEND, who refers to him in some of the comics as "little buddy". He's also never had the privilege of a legendary MOOSE beat-down for daring to look at his gurl, MIDGE. Perhaps that is why MOOSE is so comfortable with DILTON. He sees him as no threat, and maybe as someone who he aspires to be, in terms of intelligence.