Friday, October 30, 2009

Rockaway Blvd Passenger

I caught this guy waiting nervously on the platform of Rockaway Blvd in Queens in route to the Howard Beach JFK Station. He looked pretty agitated having missed the last train and was no doubt concerned about missing his flight. It's pretty easy to miss your train on the weekend, and if you happen to get on the Lefferts Blvd train instead, it will put you back at least a half an hour.
He had a TREMEDOUS chin! In fact, he seemed to be ALL CHIN! how could I resist!

Pointing Tourist

It must be in their genes.... no matter how "cool" a tourist looks on the outside, eventually they will stop, adopt some wierd body position, open their mouth and point at something, and THAT'S how you KNOW! LOL! this guy I drew here LOOKED "cool enough" He was "tall dark and handsome" slightly unshavenm had the sunglasses, the jeans and wasnt carrying a camera or sporting a dorky Hawaian shirt.. But when he stopped, assumed the position, and pointed, I KNEW!

I drew this in the summer and just decided to post it tonight. Sorry I havent posted in a while, been working on some comics.