Thursday, July 10, 2008

Odé Manderson Poet, screen writer, caricature victim....

I metOdé Manderson recently at a gig I did in New Rochelle, NY recently, and was so intrigued by his face, that I took a snapshopt of him so that I could do more than the quick party sketch that he received at the party. Im not totally satisfied with tyhe result, but it came closest to the idea of his face that I had. Hope he likes it.
Theres a lot of strength in that face, it has great angles and in person, he just has this prescence that's undefinable but undeniable. Whatever Charisma "is" he's definitely got it. Theres a little bit of a young Mike Tyson in his face also. The little hand touching his goatee, is his beautiful little daughter. They both originally had their caricatures drawn together.