Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Matt Dillon!

Continuing with Jan's "Happy Birthday" series, today's target is actor, MAtt Dillon. Ive never drawn Matt before, and he's got such a great face that I will definitely be revisiting it to inflict futher damage on it. I remember him being a teen idol of sorts back in the day, but recent pictures of his suggest that he's been sparring a coupla rounds with ole father time....

Happy Birthday, Ruth Rendell!

One of my caricature artist icons, Jan Obdebeek started a fun "Happy Birthday" Caricature drawing series on the NCN forum recently, much to the delight of myself and other members. Each day, Jan posts the name of one famous person whose birthday it is, and challenges us to draw them before the day is over. Not only do we get an opportunity to see Jan's inspiring pencil work, but also in drawing the person of the day, build up a body of work that we can present to the world. Here is my take on Ruth Rendell