Friday, February 27, 2009

Vincente Minelli Happy Brithday Caricature

Vincente Minelli is the Husband of stage/screen/recording Icon Judy Garland, AND the father of of film/theatre icon Liza Minelli
Jan gave this assignment for Feb 28th so Im actually one day ahead. Theres not many photos on Minelli available , but I can definitely see from the one i copied that his daughter takes after him. A great face, especially the eyes. i was really pleased with how this turned out.

Artists Spotlight on Niall O Loughlin

Dublin's own, caricature artist, Niall O Loughlin, is another artist whose work continues to inspire feelings of admiration, awe and jealously. His recent take on our new president is a departure from the "happy go lucky, always smiling" pictures that are often drawn of Obama, and shows another more human side. What mades a caricature great is the statement that an artist makes with their work and Niall's statement here is so slick and well executed I wont even TELL you what it is, but take your time and really LOOK at the picture and you will see.
More of his Brilliant work can be found on his website featured on the right side of this blog, but just in case you just cant wait to scroll down, you can find him at

Timothy Spall Happy Birthday Caricature

Actor, Timothy Spall, was todays Birthday target as assigned by Jan Obedebeek on the Forum site today. He's done a ton of films and is a terrific supporting "character" actor. I know him from the Harry Potter Films, and most recently from Sweeney Todd.
In this caricature, Im not completely satisfied, as i thought I made him look a wee bit "too good" , He almost looks like an overweight "Tom Cruise" here, looking at it again. In retrospect, I could have made him a little rounder especially in the cheek area, made the forehead a little broader as well. I will come back again to revise this for sure at a later date.