Wednesday, April 23, 2008

soebody went crazy with the blowdryer today....

Love dat hat

I wonder if this guy knows that the "fiddler on the roof " look went out years ago....

The personification of "nerd"

What can i say? you almost wanna say pencil neck when you look at this guy!

The Chinese "Richie Rich"

I had a gig at a Chinese New Year party earlier this year, and promised one of the attende4es that I'd draw his caricature over and finally got around to it today. I was intrigued by his expression and haircut. He actually looked like a Chinese Richie Rich from the comic book. Cant wait to send it to him.

Baboon lookin gurl

she does kinda look like a baboon doesnt she? what can I say? I still got Monkeys on the brain..... It probably will become a permanent part of my drawing style since its so much fun.