Friday, June 18, 2010

studies in Blue

...Girllie Mann with attitude on the Queens bound R train

Loved the attitude on this little Gurlie man I saw on the R train Yesterday...He caught be drawing him, suckled his teeth, Poked out his bottom lip, and turned his head oh so dramatically, just to show his annoyance. I loved drawing every bit of that personality.


Now THATS a lotta Jeans! LOL!
This is a great example how real people can enable you to develop great character design. I was having a meeting with a client, when this woman passed by. I immediately stopped in mid sentence, and started drawing her much to my clients delight. While watching her I marveled what kind of jeans might fit a woman possessing such a tremendous backside. In a flash the doorbuster jeans idea was born! Of course, I already had my model.