Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Blue and Red

Ive been doing some more experiments with different colored paper on my subway caricatures and really liking the results. It makes the characters pop. I may even uyse this for my live gigs. I am also trying to go a little more "cartoon network " on some of these sketches, as well paying more attention to accessories like hats, earrings ipods and teeshirts.


Brother Jo is a client of mine who wanted a character design/caricature of himself to use in his promo advertizing of him and his group. I did the prelim sketches of him in Starbucks on Spring Street, and took the roughs home to clean up . Drawing Brother Jo was a treat, as his stage persona is already a caricature waiting to be drawn. He reminded me of a Parliament Funkadelic character from the 70's called, "Sir Nose Devoidafunk".

playing with the angles...

I did this subway sketch reallllll slow. Took my time to see how I could play with the various angles in this guys face. Im really pleased with how it turned out. Only thing I had to draw with was a mechanical pencil that kept breaking.