Saturday, March 06, 2010


Im always up for some subwaysurfin' but THIS is extreme! I think I'll just stick to drawing on the INSIDE of the trains! LOL!! Fascinating story behind this guy, Alexander here. I DEFINITELY DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS!!! Truth be told, this guy has his "ART" down to just as much as a science as I do!! Pretty ingenious device he created that enabled him to subwaysurf without injury..... so far.

A lot can be said about this on the side of safety and kids trying to imitate him, but instead of focusing on that, I want to applaud him for taking precausions before doing this. In the interview video he explains how he built up to surfing on the faster trains by starting out on slower ones first, this building experience and courage. He also commented on how he wwould research his route before attempting his surf so that he wouldnt encounter any unexpected obstacles. That's a very intelligent way of going about attempting a stupid thing! LOL!! Finally, as said earlier, he developed a device that would enable him to hang onto the train, which is remarkable considering that this device can support his weight while the train is in motion. Im sure that somewhere down the line I'd be curious to know how he came up with THIS idea , and can bet that he'd make a bundle if he sold it(maybe he already has)
Even with all this, the sheer nerves of steel this guy must have to even attempt this. At one point, he was hanging on by one hand not unlike a water skier! LOL! This guy's an adrenalin junkie for sure! maybe someday they'll be some type of sporting event involving this. Crazier things have happened after all...I bet they laughed at snowbaorders and extreme bike riders.....