Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Black Elton John

he had this really small baseball cap with the bill of the hat facing the sky, a massive concrete smashing forehead... make that a FIVE head it was so big, and HUGE white Elton John like glasses, and he was actually staring and me, staring at him with this look on his face that said, "WHY ARE YOU STARING AT ME???" Some peoples faces and attitudes beg to be drawn and he was definitely one of em. I didnt even CARE that he was watching. I originally wanted to erase the pink pencil lines and do it up all nice and professional in photoshop, but thought it looked good enough on its own unfinished. Here are both versions.

MORE Andy Urzua inspired caricatures!

my partner in crime, Alison Gelbman(see her link on the right side of my blog) came by the studio the other day all excited about Andy Urzua. Unlike me, Alison had the opportunity to see Andy and pick his artistic brain at the recent NCN Convention held in Raleigh, NC this year. As is our habit when we get together, we tried to crack the code of our favorite artist, (this week its Andy) and drew a ton of pictures trying to imitate his style. I came up with my version of an Andy-esque caricature of me and Alison that I really love.

One of the greatest things about the NCN is coming in contact with a diverse group of artists from around the world whose approaches to caricature are totally unlike your own. It's fun to experiment with different styles and add them to your own as well. Andy won an award for best party style and i can see why because drawing like this is just plain FUN to do!