Thursday, January 27, 2011

Nikki Minaj video and Caricature Project by Subwaysurfer

I can FINALLY talk about it! my "mystery client" I eluded to the other day is none other than Vocal teacher/entertainer . Erik Dillard of the hit youtube show, THE ERIK DILLARD VOCAL CLINIC. For those of you unfamiliar wth the show, Erik gives fantastic, insightful, idiot proof methods to improve your singing technique, AND whatis UNIQUE about his show is that he breaks down the vocal techniques of your favorite artists. In this segment , via a viewers request, he broke down Nikki Minaj, and having worked with him on previous projects, commissioned me to draw the caricature of her. I was not given a clue how he would incorporate it into the show , but I knew it would be great and he didnt disapoint. Just ANOTHER example of being able to "take caricature out of the theme park" and use it for other creative ventures.

These Pictures were created with a combination of tools including the Double sided Utretcht Design Markers, amd colored in the Art Studio App on the IPAD. I swear by ALL of these tools now for giving me the color quality and line effects I need to make my illustrations come to life!