In today's very competitive world of online business you need to stand out from the crowd.  You need a brand and image that is instantly recognisable and will set you apart from your competition.  I wanted a brand image that would show my personality and represent who I am as a person, a performer and a business person.  Elgin was able to capture this and design caricature of myself that I have used for online marketing, avatar pictures for my youtube and facebook profiles, ebook covers, video and audio courses and the main header image for my website.  Elgin has a gift of creating ideas and themes for his caricatures.  He came up with the idea of including my last name "Castle" in my caricature.  He drew me sitting on top of a castle dressed in my suit with a microphone.  Genius!  I was after an image that would portray class, personality and a touch of humor and he delivered
it and more.

Elgin's design has been a huge part of my "online image" and has helped me build a large online audience and a very marketable brand.

Ian Castle
Port Macquarie, Australia
Vocal Coach and Performer

When I was hoping for a new look for my web series “The Erik Dillard Vocal Clinic”, I had no idea I would encounter such an amazing artist, mind and creator like Elgin SubwaySurfer Bolling. The nature of my business is in the field of Vocal Training. Elgin immediately vibed with my vision and took my show from being entertaining to being spectacular. I love the attention to detail that Elgin shows in all of his illustrations. He’s done several caricatures for me including Nicki Minaj, Drake and Jennifer Hudson. His ability to make his clients happy is something that often lacks in today’s market. So many artists are only concerned with their own creativity. Elgin defies this by having the ability to listen and perfect ideas and concepts that he is given. I would recommend him to anyone that is looking to give his or her company a facelift. He is very open-minded and insightful! All that work with him will be greatly impressed!!!

Erik Dillard
International Vocal Coach

It's never good to always toot your own horn, that's why I'm giving you this link so you can hear what others have had to say about your friendly neighborhood Subwaysurfer


Dear Reader-
    There aren't enough words to describe the multi-talented Elgin Bolling. Just when you think you've got him defined, he pops up with a new talent.
    Artist, author, caricaturist, cartoonist, journalist, commentator, cyber-reporter, poet, performer, speaker, teacher, actor, entertainer...
    The list goes on.
     I can say, though, I have never seen anybody draw people in like Elgin nor lift an audience out of their seats.
In short, I have never seen anyone bring their art to life like Elgin Bolling.
                      -Dan Guarino,
                       Vice President, Rockaway Artists Alliance
                       Co-founder and Coordinator,
                       Rockaway Artists Alliance Writers Group   

I've worked with Elgin for over 10 years — almost as long as I've owned my company. I was immediately impressed with his level of creativity and willingness to improve on his craft and technique. Elgin has shown that he's not one to rest on his artistic laurels. 

I have watched Elgin's work develop steadily over the years to the point that he is able to seamlessly work in a variety of styles from the cartoony and minimalistic to the exaggerated and grotesque (which is sometimes requested). His artistic talent is enhanced by his engaging personality, which makes him one of my most-requested artists working in New York City.  I highly recommend him.

Tad Barney, owner
The NOSE Caricature Company