Thursday, March 31, 2011

Actors, you can ditch your "day job " now!

Just completed this cool Ebook Project for Actor, Writer, Entrepreneur, "Bones" Rodiguez. According to Bones, if you are a working Actor, you should be a WORKING ACTOR, not a "Waiting Tables" actor. In this soon to be released Ebook, Bones gives gives actors, his proven strategies for consistantly working in the profession of acting. A MUST HAVE book for all you PERFORMERS out there, and YES I do mean ARTISTS too! Will give you the link for this as soon as its available.

This Blog is going to the DOGS! My Doggie Caricature of Butchie Dog!

Well maybe it's not going to the "DOGS" but at least ONE dog, anyway. My dog, Butchie. Butchie is my 13 year old American Staffie aka a Pitbull Deluxe. Butchie dog, as I call him, has been my constant companion for years as I sit in this lonely basement studio that is either too hot, too damp, or too cold, as I crank out caricatures, create cartoons, communicate with clients , or cry continuously because of cranky customers! LOL. It occurred to me that Ive never really drawn the one who is truly, "mans best friend" ... shhhh is my wife listening?....One day, after coming home
from a vet visit, he came into the living room, and was so happy to see his dinner waitiong, that he wagged his tail stuck out his tongue and held this pose for a couple of seconds, long enough for me to get just the gesture drawing I needed to make this great Doggie Caricature