Thursday, February 24, 2011

BUILD A SIGN and they WILL COME Product Endorsement By Subwaysurfer

Before I even start my praise of this wonderful online company called  let me give you their website. You can contact them at
Even though we are living in tan incredible age where we now do much of our business ONLINE, most people make the incorrect assumption that so called "old skool" methods like "hanging out a sign is dead.
The FACT is that
Signage is the least expensive form of advertising – and the most effective of all forms of advertising. (US Small Business Administration)
I found this and other eye opening facts located on the BUILDASIGN website below:
WHY is that? its simple. EVERYBODY is not online, but EVERYBODY can view a sign. Since it is the LEAST EXPENSIVE and MOST EFFECTIVE form of advertising youd have to be a fool not to invest in getting one if you are serious about running a business.  I dont know about you, but Im interested in increasing my visibility through every available channel.
I wanted a three foot by five foot replica of my business card put on a banner to advertise my services. I spoke to one of their excellent salespeople who answered every conceivable question I had. Let me tell ya folks, I can REALLY get on a salesperson nerves with my constant questions and what if type of scenarios. I was treated with the utmost respect and courtesy, and that is something I value in a company that Im spending money on, which, was also pretty inexpensive! The results were MORE than phenomenal. I got the banner within a 48 hour period, and know that it will be one of my most used marketing tools used to increase my visibility. Dont just take my word for it, find out for yourself! The company creates every conceivable sign imaginable, and saves your original templates for future projects. I KNOW that I will be using their services again, and so should you!
This is a copy  of my business card used as a template

This is a picture of the banner they made
(artwork is coming)

I love email, but  I am definitely an "over the phone" type of guy. A company can hide behind an impersonal email, but there's something about that PERSONAL interaction that I especially them at