Thursday, August 26, 2010


By Elgin Bolling

You will find it strange
I’m sitting between tow dogs on my train
Boy, oh boy is this insane

Do MUTTS now pay admission?
Who in the world made THAT decision?
Was there some “Formal Presentation??”
Hey! I‘d really like an Explanation!

Excuse my Exclamation
But did my brain take a vacation?
Since when were Canines allowed in the station?
People now board dogs without hesitation!

What’s next?
101 Dalmatians???

THIS is one confusing situation
I can UNDERSTAND the occasion
To have a dog if you are BLIND
You need a “seeing eye” all the time..

But it’s a crime to see your pup’s
Grime in my SEAT!
Don’t you remember?
Dogs walk on their FEET!!

Your pooch may be cute!
But now there’s dirt on my suit!

So sorry miss, I stepped on your poodle!
Er..what’s THIS on my SHOE
Oh, no… It’s DOG ‘DOO-DOO!!
Who Knew that I ‘d be sharing my seat
With a Shih Tzu!! ACHOO!!!!

Doesn’t any one see that this is a HEALTH ISSUE!?
I’m ALLERGIC to dogs!
Please hand me a Tissue!

I can’t stop this itching

Copyright 2010 Elgin Bolling all rights reserved.

It started with ONE dog and then another... I've just started to notice lately that the NYC subways are becoming combination Dog park/kennel. This is especially true in YUPPIELAND, my pet name for parts of Manhattan, but ;you can also see dog passengers on the L line that services Greenpoint, Williamsburg, and of course, Canarsie. Mostly you see little dogs like poodles chiwawahs (yeah I KNOW i spelled it wrong) and other "toy dogs" . I dont know when this trend started, but I really think its an unhealthy one and Im really wondering where it will lead. If it's now become "LEGAL" to have non seeing eye dog in the subways what's next? OTHER "exotic " pets??? Oh, dont be scared, that's my pet python,be calm! Pythons can smell fear! just the other day NO LIE I saw a man walking down 14th street carrying a live RAT... not mouse, RATT on his shoulder! Was HE going into the train station with THAT??? getting back to the DOG issue,If the MTA is allowing this now, is there a ban on the size of the dog, or maybe the breed??? I was at the Union square station recently and looked to my left to see a man with a full grown pit bull dog waiting for the train. The dog was on a lease, well behaved and didnt seem too bothered by the crowd, but there is a certain negative reaction that some people have to THIS particular breed of dog. To have it in an enclosed area only adds to the discomfort and stress some feel already riding underground in a post 911 city. And then there is the BATHROOM issue. I dont know about YOU but when a dog "has to go" they usually DO GO! and most pet owners ABOVE ground are not responsible for picking up after them, can you imagine UNDERGROUND??? It's a crazy city we live in... panhandlers are NOT allowed on the subway to beg for food, homeless PEOPLE are routinely rounded up and hurried off the train, while canines are allowed to share space underground.
You cant make this kinda stuff up people! What a city! No wonder I never lack inspiration!!