Thursday, October 14, 2010

ipad cartoon BIG MOOSE From The Riverdale High Project Subwaysurfer

 Riverdales High School Jock, BIG MOOSE, is one interesting character in the Archie Comics Universe. Moose is always drawn as this hulking dumb but lovable character, when if you really read the comic, he's anything BUT that. First off, He's at one time or another beaten up EVERY major Male Character in the Archie Comics universe, including  some "red shirts" to use the star trek term, who appear every now and then, whose sole purpose is to be pounded by MOOSE. The cause of Moose's rage is his terrible temper as he calls it... we call it ANGER MANAGEMENT ISSUES... which is always ignited because he catches someone "lookin at Muh Gurl!" That "gurl" would be Midge, who seems nice enough, but suspiciously NEVER hangs out with Betty and Veronica... WHY is THAT??  I say it's because she's scared of MOOSE like everyone else is!! I mean if he's willing to pound someone who poses a threat to the object of his affection, what's he likely to do with the woman who breaks his heart? Midge isnt even THAT devoted to MOOSE. We see this as upon occasion sh has dated ARCHIE when He has successfully outsmarted MOOSE, and also doesnt mind talking to REGGIE... who is my next ipad target.
This is WAYYYY Too much thinking for one cartoon, but that tends to happen when I really get into a drawing.
This is why I drew MOOSE like the savage beast that I know that he IS!! The only think keeping the hapless males of RIVERDALE from sudden death is MIDGE! LOL!

ipad cartoon of ARCHIE ANDREWS from "THE RIVERDALE HIGH" project by Elgin Subwaysurfer Bolling

Been playing with this idea for a long time, and finally decided it would be fun to do with the ipad since it has all these crazy fun brushes. I always felt comic book icon, Archie Andrews of Riverdale needed a visual makeover, and while the whole gang has gotten an update lately in their comics. (yeah, I ADMIT IT! I STILL read ARCHIE COMICS!) although a little more realistic looking, they kinda look the same. I wanted to go with the "ARCHIE VIBE" but play with the proportions a little bit, and came up with this pic about 45 minutes later. This was a fun exercise which released my creativity, and gave me an opportunity to explore the Art Studio app further. I happen to like Art Studio a little more than the much applauded Sketchbook Pro App. Art Studio seems more intuitive for me in some way.
I plan on drawing the whole gang in The Riverdale High Series so stay tuned.

ARCHIE ANDREWS mystifies me. For all intensive purposes he should be the town nerd.Physically, His appearance is rather odd. Busy red hair , a big nose, an overbite, and freckles that decided to stay over on his face past childhood. Not to mention those thick black busy eyebrows of his. Yep, Archie SHOULD be the town Nerd, alright... But he isnt...He is a lovable Dunce who can afford a great car, is a klutz who cant to anything right, is constantly in trouble with his teachers and school principal for one mishap or another, and yet at the end of the day he has two of the most sought after girls in town competing for HIS attention, and if you read the comic like I do, he never seems to have trouble attracting female attention. He's even the rival of REGGIE MANTLE, Who is not only one of the COOLEST guys in the Archie Universe, but In my view, the PROPER match for Veronica. And Yet, Archie, in all his "dopiness" gets the girl.....
I get the old saying is true.
Some guys got "IT" and some guys Dont,
and in spite of his obvious shortcomings ARCHIE ANDREWS and Got PLENTY of that elusive "IT" that Most of us Males wish we had in High School.