Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Hi guys by now everyone has heard ad nauseau about the Hurricane Sandy tradgedy that sweapt through New York city and put us on the ropes so to speak. Far Rockaway, a coastal community took an especially hard hit. Sandy ruined millions of dollars of beach front property, including boardwalks, summer homes, local businesses, and oh yeah, transportation.For me, the devastation is particularly bad because as a self employed artist, I have to live daily with the aura of misery, depression, anger and despair that lingers in the air, and can be seen on the faces of the residents who have no where to go. one of the sadness things for me to face is that THE WAVE NEWSPAPER where I worked as an editorial illustrator,  is GONE. washed away like so much junk down a drain. if by some miracle it survived, I haven't heard anything.

following is the last picture I did for the paper. I dont even know if they got it. its my intention to put this illustration on a series of promo products including shirts in order to raise money for the relief effort, people affected by this tragedy, including myself.

im asking you to please not plagiarize this illustration in the effort to make a buck off of my work, and to take advantage of a situation. Please stay tuned for more details. Thanks so much.

Elgin Subwaysurfer Bolling