Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Baby Boy with crazy hair doo drawn on ipad by subwaysurfer

At a recent party, there was this cute little baby girl, or so I thought by the hair doo, only to find out it was a cute baby BOY who the mom loved to style his hair like a baby girl! i can only imagine what the poor kid would say to his mom if he could speak!  I drew a nice one for mom and immediately did THIS one in the ole ipad when the party ended!

Subwaysurfer looks at animator BILL PLIMPTON

Bill Plimtpon, one of my animation heores recently was a guest speaker at the ISCA convention in Las Vegas that I unfortunatley could not attend this year... again... sigh.... After checking his website I was horrified to diecover that I COULD HAVE SEEN HIM IN BRONX VILLE NY!!!! just yesterday on NOV 15. This interview is a sad replacement for seeing him live, but I still wanted to air it for your viewing pleasure and mine.

BIll is a true master of the craft who does his stuff painstakingly by hand, in a sketchy style that is uniquely his. I admire the man's vision and his work ethic. He is a true inspiration to all those who have a dream and are willing to put in the WORK to follow it. A wise man was quoted to have said, DREAMS COME TRUE WHEN THE DREAMING Part Stops!! Plimpton epitomizes that though.

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