Sunday, November 23, 2008

Spot light on Sean Gardner

Just GO to the website..... this is one of the guys who makes ME feel like I have no idea what Im doing......

Ladies and gents THIS is CARICATURE!!!!

He was feeling blue about sumthin...

This guy was sitting next to his gurl and judging by his expression he didnt like what was being said. The picture would have been perfect if not for these stupid pencil lines I got all over it.

marriage proposal caricature

Saturday was bitterly cold, my fingers were freezing, my knees knocking together, and I had to go to the bathroom reaaaaal bad!!! so what was I doing at Central park??? Helping a guy propose to his bride, what else??? I love doing these type of caricatures the best since the reactions of the would be bride are always heartwarming. A woman who doesnt love caricature doesnt have a sense of humour, period in my opinion, and judging how his bride to be laughed, it's going to be a happy marriage. I threw in a more exaggerated freebie for the happy couple as well.

I took these pics with my trusty digital camera and got made the prints lickidy split at my neighborhood Walmart, as is my habit. When I went to pay for them, the cashier behind the counter, looked at my pics, looked at my face, and exclaimed, : Hey , I know you! You're the dude who draws on the train all the time! I've seen you!" It made my day.