Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Junk from the sketchbook!

a few gems I found! It's all coming back.... I drew that long nosed frenchmen on a brooklyn bound L Train . He had to be about 6 ft 4 inches and towered over everyone else in the crowdd train during rush hour. All you could see was that nose the chin and that hat. The curly red hair added a nice touch to him. Lucky I had a seat....

While meeting with my art director for the Snidetv project, I saw this yuppie milling around in the NYU Campus Hallway carrying a latte and trying to look Cool.There are few things in life quite as amusing as a 50 something hipster trying desperately to look cool.... I did this quick gesture drawing while his back was turned.

While Riding the A train Im always amazed at how much homeboyz always dress like they're either going to or returning from a music video. This guys face, body language and dress practically screamed DRAW ME NOW!!! so I did.