Friday, January 29, 2010

"WHAT'S COOKIN' IN DA SKILLIT?" AVATAR OF The multi talented Erik Dillard

For those of you who may not know, in additon to animation, illustration, storyboarding, editorial cartooning, and of course, live caricature, your boye, The Surfer is also "into singing"

No, I aint interested in cutting no album, going on American Idol or singin in your shower, but singing, just like art, has always been a passion of mine,and In the past few months Ive been blessed enough to be led to a vocal coach and friend who has really done wonders for my voice, and reignited my passion.

Inquisitive soul that I am, whenever I'm interested in something, I ALWAYS do my homework on it to get better. Ive been going online lately and discovered a couple of excellent online vocal coaches whose vocal exercises I've been practicing and enjoying. This is the first in a series of their pictures and stories.

The first one is ERIK DILLARD, the host of the show, "ERIK DILLARD'S VOCAL CLINIC" which can be seen on youtube.

The first thing that attracted me to ERIK was that he's a funny guy. Being an artist and a joker myself, it made me instantly connect with him. He also has a very engaging online persona that really gets you involved, and makes you feel like he's really talking to YOU personally in each lesson. Many people on line attempt this, and only end up looking and sounding forced and contrived. Erik makes you feel each lesson was tailor made for YOU personally. Another interesting thing about Erik is that he is an African American who speaks fluent Japanese and is teaching music in Japan. I found this especially interesting having never encountered this, which added to his appeal.

I can also honestly say that by following his exercises, I can HEAR and FEEL a marked change in my voice! I cant wait to see my vocal teacher to show off! LOL!

Do yourself a favoe, if you have a passion for singing and check out Erik's Channel on youtube.

You wont be dissapointed and will definitely learn something!

Oh, I almost forgot to tell ya, The line,'''


Is Erik's Tag Line!

Nothing like a great tag line if you're in business!