Thursday, July 28, 2011

Newsletter illustration of couple on Jetski

Just completed this assignment of a couple on a Jetski for their company Newsletter. The hardest part was drawing the Jetski jussst right! they loved it.

As an artist, I have been fortunate to have rubbed shoulders with, taught by, influenced by, and even "stolen from" some of the best caricature artists in the world, all of whom have contributed to, influenced, and enhanced by approach to caricature.
One of my favorite character artists, is Terry Dunnett, affectionately known as TEL from Australia. (
In addition to being an excellent draftsman, Tel is a master of drawing accessories. By "accessories" I mean supporting items in a picture that the main characters interact with. Examples of accessory items, are cars, planes, snowmobiles, and jet skies. Prior to being exposed to Tel's work, I focused pretty much on the individual figures, and pretty much "winged" everything else. Even though my clients did not complain, I knew deep down, I had compromised, and given into lazy drawing. In comparison to Tel, whose accessory items were just as meticulously detailed as his caricatured. Visually, this added to the overall unity to his pieces as well.

That's when I started really concentrating on getting the accessories correct.
If a client takes time to mention they want a particular car or golf clubs in a picture, then obviously the item is an extension of them. This is the Bain reason why they should be given as much attention that you give to your favorite part of the drawing.

This particular jetski took me days to get to my satisfaction. It's not perfect, but definitely better than I might have done, years ago.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

HOW TO DRAW KIDS by Subwaysurfer

If you've been a professional artist for more than five minutes, I bet you've been asked to draw a couple of kids. For a caricature artist  it's inevitable. You are either going to draw a child at a first communion, birthday party, wedding, anniversary , or Bar-Bat Mitzvahs. Dont even let me get started on gift caricature.  Drawing children can be quite lucrative, as everyone loves to have their kids immortalized in pictures.
I used to HATE drawing kids, at one time. They were unpredictable, moved around a lot, and for some reason I kept making them look to old in a picture. I really needed help, and kept my ears and eyes opens until I learned how. 
Of course now I'm sharing that method with you, so listen up.

I was at an art convention a couple of years back, and master caricature artist, Joe Bulum  was lecturing on how to caricature the face. His subject wasn't on kids, per se, but he said one line, in passing, that made a light  bulb go on in my head. To paraphrase, Joe, he said that drawing kids was easy. He pictured them as being akin to "little aliens" in appearance, and structure. Joe was being tongue in cheek with his comment, obviously, but I immediately latched on to that visual of a stereotypical "Roswell Alien" with the Giant Forehead area, large lumonious eyes, and small mouth nose and particularly the CHIN. with this image in mind, I never had another problem drawing kids. Of course this doesn't mean that you ignore basic features of each individual child's face. Some kids have fuller lips than others, some  have smaller eyes or wider noses, of course, but that basic head-slash- alien structure is crucial.  
Getting back to the chin. NEVER NEVER NEVER add a LOT of space between the buttom lip and the chin. even if the kid has a long face, comparatively speaking, put all the visual weight in the upper head area. If you fail to do this, you WILL age the child considerable.

The secret to drawing a figity kid is not to panic. Resolve in your mind that this kids will NOT be sitting still. Once you've acknowledged that, start by drawing that Alien head container lightly in pencil. As I said earlier, you KNOW that the head is going to conform to that shape. Most babies also, have those hamster/balloon cheeks so include that too. Next you want to pick your target. Say the nose, you wait until the child is looking in your direction. he WILL eventually, and as soon as he does, BOOM !  you nail that body part, and keep repeating for each facial feature. I mentioned drawing in pencil also because the "sketchy" line quality will add to the overall life of the drawing, at a live event. If you are doing a gift caricature, like the ones on this page, you can sketch even more loosely knowing that you will ink it in later.


Hey moms and dads, aunts and uncles, God mothers, and God Fathers! If you loved the way I drew these kids, just think of how gorgeous I can make the little alien inhabiting your planet?  digital portraits are affordable, and start as low as 40.00 (yes, we are committed in helping you buy art in these trying economic times.) if you are interested email me at  a good JPEG of your kids 
 and we can get started! Paypal makes the whole process painless! 

(these children were digitally painted on the Apple Ipad using the Art Studio App)

Friday, July 08, 2011


Folks, I haven't even fully written a post for this, but when I found this gem, my eyes popped! Once I picked them back up off the floor, I realized that this was the line of clothing I've been searching for. As a Creative Caricature Marketing Consultant, one of the services I offer clients is that of a live caricature entertainer for corporate events. Oftentimes, I am required to be mobile, especially for events that require me to interact with the crowd,(like the job I did with absolute Vodka) and it is impossible to lug my gear around from one location to the other. With the Scottevest, there are numerous pockets to put pens, books, paper, and the aforementioned iPad for digital drawing. The company also makes pants will multiple pockets. As awesome as Scottevest gear is, from a purely functional standpoint, Scottevest gear also look cool. So you no longer stand out like a sore thumb with your pockets buldging. I almost wanted to keep this news to myself, but hey, this is social media after all, so I'm sharing!


Audio Link

Audio Podcast

Can QR Codes be used Creatively with caricature? You bet they can. I am already helping many of my clients maximize their marketing efforts with this exciting piece of interactive technology. And while it's true that anyone can use and have access to making QR codes, a compelling visual to lead your customers in the desired direction will always be a plus. Listen to the audio podcast to find out more how you can benefit from my services to enable you to come up with a unique strategy in using QR Code technology .

Thursday, July 07, 2011


As a Creative Caricature Marketing Consultant, I created Affordable avatar designs like these for the artistically challenged. I realize that you want to stay competitive,AND remain budget conscious/ Let me help you do both, as I have done for my clients here. 
Email me at 
Include a quality Jpeg of your picture and a description of what you need done. Single Characters are as low as 40.00  get YOUR Avatar Today.


I've gotten a lot of testimonials over the years from satisfied customers, but this one from author Dan Guarino, of The Rockaway Artists Alliance, literally brought tears to my eyes..Dan wrote this testimonial following a performance The ROckaway Artists Alliance Writers Group
gave at Peninsula Hospital.

"There aren't enough words to describe the multi-talented Elgin Bolling. Just when you think you've got him defined, he pops up with a new talent.
          Artist, author, caricaturist, cartoonist, journalist, commentator, cyber-reporter,  poet, performer, speaker, teacher, actor, entertainer...
         The list goes on.
         I can say, though, I have never seen anybody draw people in like Elgin nor lift an audience out of their seats.
          In short, I have never seen anyone bring their art to life like Elgin Bolling."

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Why I Love drawing people on the NYC Subway Trains By Subwaysurfer

"The Subway is a microcosm of the world. It is the one place where for a brief moment in time, comparatively speaking, we are all equal. People all over the city of every gender, race, social economic status, religious , political , social sexual orientation, come here to share space. Its a forced kind of intimacy, almost. I am more than an artist drawing funny pictures but a visual anthropologist, studying and recording human behavior. My visual data can be found throughout this blog, especially in the earlier posts, and also through my subsequent Ebooks, two of them are right below you.

Written and Illustrated by Elgin Subwaysurfer Bolling

Is Beauty really in the Eye of the Beholder? Subwaysurfer says, it depends on who is looking at you! Find out what New York City's wackiest subway sketcher sees!

Written and Illustrated by Elgin Subwaysurfer Bolling

Caricature Quick Tip Series How To Draw The Human Figure

Saturday, July 02, 2011

July 4th poetry

Miss Liberty’s Got a Lot to Say Today
July 4th Poetry

By Elgin Bolling.

Welcome, Welcome! One and all , to Me!
That’s right, I’m You’re good “Old Friend”
The Statue of Liberty!

Give me your tired and your poor..
But don’t come HERE NO MORE!!
You’re being stopped at the door..

The statue of Liberty! That's me!
BOY! my feet are KILLIN' ME!!
I haven’t sat down in YEARS
And I’ve shed many tears, my dears,
But don’t YOU fear! As you can see,
I’m STILL standing here
Right where I’m supposed to be!

Smack dab in the middle of this here, MESS!
Trying REAL hard not to stress..
Hard to hold it together with So many people
Walking up and down up under my dress!
Putting me to the test

I guess I’ll grin and
Do my best to hold high the torch
Lookin toward Manhattan Island
Sometimes I just wanna drop this torch in the water
And start to crying/
Too many folks fightin’ screamin’ and dyin’

Gimmie ONE plane ticket and
I’ll be a FLYIN!
What I need is a vacation
From being a symbol for the nation

So TIRED of riding this “freedom train”
When do we arrive at the station?
The location where we’re FINALLY All ONE NATION under GOD?
In a world full of atheists,
THAT’S gonna be kinda…hard.

Belief in GOD should be a PLUS
Aint it written on your money somewhere

Ya know… this aint even funny.

One more thing,
Let me tell you, honey..
Instead of just snapping pictures of ME
From the Deck of the Staten Island Ferry
Why don’t you do me a favor?
Turn to your neighbor
And treat HIM Merry?!

I KNOW it’s not
Christmas day, or any other Holiday,
But loving one another
Is still OK!!
Don’t you forget to PRAY!

On your knees is where you should stay
Then you’ll never stray.

And HEY!...
I aint going NOWHERE.
I’ll be right here on ELLIS.
That is….
If the Mayor
Doesn’t sell us.
Copyright 2010 Elgin Bolling all rights reserved.


In Addition to being a visual artist, I am also a prolific poet. And as you can read,see, and hear, my spoken word, and written word is as "visual" as my artwork. Ive spoken to capacity crowds for many years now, and even combine my visual art with my thought provoking, humorous poetry. (gee, I almost broke my arm patting myself on the back like that!)Feel free to hire me for speaking engagements as well. I also create original prose and poems to go with your pictures. Now how many artists can do THAT??!

This Poem and many others are all in an Ebook entitled, "Anointed Verse Unrehearsed" which can ve purchased for 5.00 directly thorough me by ordering here