Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Concordia College Gurls

My daughter asked me to do a gift caricature of her two buds at a recent visit to her school. Never could resist a request from my little gurl... who's not so little anymore...sigh....anyways, her two buds had the most interesting contrast in their faces which is what makes a group picture "work" Master Caricature artist, Jan Obdebeek taught me that a good caricature always has a "funny head" which is something that is often overlooked by caricature artists who focus primarily on features of the face. Not that it's "wrong" to do this, but if you want a truly animated looking caricature, paying attention to head shapes are crucial. In order to do this I simply look for the parts of the face that "seem to want to go in a particular direction", no matter how slight, and exaggerate that to death. Master Jan also taught me that you must do a LOT of preliminary pics in order to get to the one that you like, so I also did a LOT of drawing on each individual face before I got to the one that was perfect.
Since Im dabbling more in animated type work these days, my caricatures reflect that simplicity.