Friday, March 12, 2010

Michael Jackson vocal warmup

Okay folks, I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW this is not what I normally do on this blog, but singing is one of my passions as well as art and dance, and this evening while doing a search for vocal exercises I came across this very rare vocal footage of the Late Michael Jackson doing a vocal warmup over the phone with his vocal coach. Since I'm seriously developing my voice now ( I'm a tenor, by the way) I'm doing a LOT of vocal warm ups and seeing great results. Being the obsessive person I am once I get into something I like I ALWAYS do EXTRA CREDIT WORK.... anyways, I found MJ and it blew my mind. When we look at ... or used to ... Look at an artist of his talent and stature, it's hard for us to remember that he had to WORK on his craft to perfect it, and to KEEP IT. Like so many of us in the visual arts, we may be "BORN" with "natural talent" or an aptititude to draw, but unless we work to develope it , and stretch it, the "gift" stagnates and dies.. or at least, only reaches a certain level.
The same with singing.
Hearing Michael go through the same vocal exercises that any singer goes through made him seem more human. It's a shame he never got opportunity to show more of that human side of himself.

Again. I know this deviates from what I do here on the Subwaysurfer bloggg but I thought it was worth sharing.

Michael even "cracks" on some notes!

Al Sharpton on Lyrics in music

Im currently drawing an assignment where I have to draw Al Sharpton and was on Youtube looking for video references in order to get those subtle facial expressions, mannerisms and nuances that you just cant get with a photograph that is posed. I came across this film clip where Sharpton is contrasting musical lyrics used today by some of or leading black entertainers compared to the past and even going back to slavery. Sharpton makes some very good points worth considering.

Think what you want about the man but when he speaks truth, and he often does, he should be commended.

"Theres never been a generation that didnt use our music, and our culture to lift us up." Great quote that. And theres a lot more.