Friday, October 30, 2009

Rockaway Blvd Passenger

I caught this guy waiting nervously on the platform of Rockaway Blvd in Queens in route to the Howard Beach JFK Station. He looked pretty agitated having missed the last train and was no doubt concerned about missing his flight. It's pretty easy to miss your train on the weekend, and if you happen to get on the Lefferts Blvd train instead, it will put you back at least a half an hour.
He had a TREMEDOUS chin! In fact, he seemed to be ALL CHIN! how could I resist!

Pointing Tourist

It must be in their genes.... no matter how "cool" a tourist looks on the outside, eventually they will stop, adopt some wierd body position, open their mouth and point at something, and THAT'S how you KNOW! LOL! this guy I drew here LOOKED "cool enough" He was "tall dark and handsome" slightly unshavenm had the sunglasses, the jeans and wasnt carrying a camera or sporting a dorky Hawaian shirt.. But when he stopped, assumed the position, and pointed, I KNEW!

I drew this in the summer and just decided to post it tonight. Sorry I havent posted in a while, been working on some comics.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Wave News Personal favorites

In honoring my "First Birthday" as an Editorial Cartoonist, for The Wave I just wanted to re show some of my personal favorite toons.

Oct 16 Wave Editorial Cartoon

This weeks editorial cartoon is pretty explosive. It is sparked by a recent event that happened in the Edgemere Section of the Rockaways where police cars were brazenly fired upon by some trigger happy homies. This event set off MASSIVE manhunts in the area which was covered with police cars, helicopters, and beat cops in a matter of minutes. It seemed as if every police officer in Far Rockaway converged on that location. It was discovered that many of the guns reocovered in the shootings had been linked to illegal gun sales in Southern States, the buying of which were made easier by two Congressmen, which you can read about in the editorial reprinted below. This is by far one of the best Editorials I think that Ive done, and I know the paper is going to get letters on it claiming it is "racist" We'll see what happens... If I DO get letters, I will consider myself as "having arrived" as an Editorial Cartoonist. This Month, incidently, marks the one year Birthday of my coming on staff with The Wave Newspaper.

Death On Our Streets
Thanks To Gun Show Sales

The findings of the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has linked 30 percent of the guns used in New York City shootings to gun shows in other states. Earlier reports from the same agency as well as from the New York City Police Department show that the great majority of guns used in crimes here come from Virginia, Pennsylvania, North and South Caro-lina, Ohio and Florida, states with lax gun laws. A large number of those guns eventually show up on Rockaway streets or in our public housing projects. Many of them come from gun shows in those states, where individual sellers have no requirement ei-ther to check a buyer’s background or to file paperwork with the federal agency recording the sale. That gun show loophole exists because Congress, convinced by the National Rifle Association (NRA) that such show sales were made not by professional gun dealers, but by individuals who wanted to sell personal or an-tique weapons only. Mayor Michael Bloomberg sent investiga-tors to gun shows at some of those states and blew that lie out of the water. The investigators found not individual sellers looking to get rid of a gun or two outside the usual rules, but profes-sional dealers with dozens of weapons to sell. In one particular egregious case, the investigator asked if he had to go through a background check. The vendor told him he did not. The investi-gator then said, “Good, because I probably could not pass the check anyway.” The vendor sold him a semiautomatic .380 cali-ber weapon for $399. It is clear, at least to us, that our federal representatives, Anthony Weiner and Greg Meeks, have dropped the ball. Something must be done to close the gun show loophole, and it has to be done quickly before even more young people die on Rockaway streets.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Bagels and Glocks.... Hassidim & Homeboye Neighborhood Block Watchers


Hey! It COULD happen!!!

Originally, these two caricatures came out of my subwaysurfing travels. The Homeboye was drawn while riding a Manhattan Bound A train, and the Jewish man was drawn (and sold) while doing Street Caricature in the park.(He had such a memorable face that i couldnt forget him!) I started to upload them seperately, but the more I looked at them, I found my mind going back to my old Brooklyn Neighborhood, Crown Heights. Crown Heights is a neighborhood that is made up of African Americans and Hassidic Jews. Eastern Parkway is the "invisible dividing line" that literally "seperates" the two sections. If you past the line going twds Fulton street, you will be in predominately African American territory, and if you past the dividing line going towards Crown street and Empire Blvd, you will be in predominately Jewish neighborhood. When i was growing up the two groups lived pretty much in harmony, one respecting the other without to much incident. The neighborhood gained national attention during the Dinkins Administration when a riot broke out in the neighborhood resulting in the death of a young Jewish scholar and an African american boy. This incident set up racial tensions that reverberated for years, and I couldnt help thinking how great it would be if the two races got together to work in harmony and fight a common enemy, namely crime. I would be great if the political savvy Rabbis could some how pair up with the street smart homeboyes to form some sort of posse. I thought how hilarious and entertaining such a pairing would be. Perhaps someday, I or someone else will do some sort of graphic novel, comic or series on the subject. When that happens make sure you give the SUBWAYSURFER the credit for sparking the idea!
"BAGELS and GLOCKS" seems to be the perfect name for the series!

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Ariel, like You've Never seen her Before!

Here's an "artists Nude you're not likely to see anywhere...'

I remember watching this OLD "Bettie Davis" movie, "What ever happened to Baby Jane?" It's a hilarious dark drama comedy ( IMO) Starting Bettie Davis and Joan Crawford. Davis, is the aforementioned, "Baby Jane" a former child star whose star has long since faded along with her sanity. Davi literally terrorizes Crawford in the film, and it has some frighteningly hilarious moments. I began to think, what if DISNEY cartoon "child star" characters made "movie combacks" Even the more drop dead gorgeous stars look like they're about TO "drop Dead"when they get older, so little "Ariel" should be no exception! This pic was drawn originally in response to a "DRAW A MERMAID" topic that was posted on the weekly drawing site, "ART JUMBLE" As you might expect, everyone was drawing these sexy gorgeous mermaids, but being the MAD cartoonist that I am, my twisted mind had other ideas. In addition to Old Ariel, I also drew her gay Merman cousin, who wants to be a "little mermaid" and also another Ariel picture when she let herself "go" I will upload those later. I encourage artists to check out ART JUMBLE. Its a great site that will definitely FIRE UP your idea engine when you just dont know what to draw. I certainly wouldnt have thought to draw THIS on my own without their posting the topic.

Cabbie Vs Pedi Cab Driver

There's an old New Yawk City saying that goes, " Dont let your MOUTH write a check, that your "ADDRESS" cant cash..." At least they used to say that where I'm From. Here's a classic case of that scenario with Cabbie vs Pedi cab driver. If you notice, the pedicab driver is the initial aggressor. He's throwing the coffee cup, and even hops off his bike and pushed the cab driver through the open window. Clearly by his actions, body language, and attitude, the Pedi cab driver thinks he's going to "own" the cabbie in a fist fight. Like most of New Yawk city's little ironies, the opposite happens. Notice how the cabbie, in CLASSIC "UFC" like fashion, evades the pedicab drivers initial strike, and does one of the SWEETEST wrestling leg takedowns, that you are used to seeing on TV, but not in real life! LOL! Notice how the cabbie immediately establishes dominance in the mount position and is about to administer some SERIOUS "street justice" before a courageous pair of gutsy good samaritan pedestrians break up the scrap.

Just goes to show you that you NEVER know who youre messing with. Do yourself a favor, and keep your mouth SHUT.

I sure learned MY lesson to not get NYC Cabbies upset a few years ago. I was having a severe asthma attack and called a cab to be driven to a clinic. The driver, showed up a little drunk, I could smell it in the car, and drove like a maniac. I was so angry and frazzled by the ride that I demanded rather strongly that he stop and let me out. We were several blocks from my destination, but angry and frustrated I decided I had enough. He turned around and demanded his money, and i got angryly out of the car and threw the money in the front seat slamming the door hard. I started walkking with halting steps, breathing heavy towards the clinic.

That's when I heard the door open and sounds of cursing in spanish.
I kept walking.
I heard the trunk of the cab opening
I kept walking.
I heard the sound of a chain being pulled out of the trunk.
I turned around.
To my horror, he had one of those BIG chains you see them tie boats to a dock with. He began wrapping the long chain around his wrist/arm for support, slammed the trunk and began running at me swinging the chain over his head, like a barbarian out of a conan movie.
Remember, I was having a ASTHMA ATTACK
I couldnt breathe
I could hardly walk
But when I saw this guy coming at me swinging this chain above his head
I kid you not, I literally ran FIVE BLOCKS on my tippie toes, so fast that i didnt even REALIZE I was running!
I left him in the dust and darted into a building that had a doorman.
I fell on the floor to the horror of two tenants in the building and pleaded with the doorman to call 911, I was having a major attack now and this maniac was after me
The doorman literally bent down, grabbed me by the back of my collar, and the back of my pants, and THREW ME OUT ON THE STREET COMIC BOOK STYLE!
I staggered the remaining few blocks to the clinic, and collapsed on the desk. Needless to say I was given immediate care.

Now all of this trouble could've been avoided if I'd JUST KEPT MY MOUTH SHUT!

But I had to learn a lesson
just like this Pedi Cab Driver did.

I think his was a little more painful though.