Saturday, November 04, 2006

Too Sexy?

Recently submitted this idea to a clothing manufacturer. They loved the concept, but rejected the drawing. According to them, the kitty was a little "too sexy" for the doggie who looked innocent...

1950"s Caricature

Im studying a great 1950's Cartoon book that is called Cartoon Modern. Here is a cartoon I did of caricature artist, Alison Gelbman , in a simple style.

Japanese Storyboards

I recently did a job with a Japanese Advertizing company called , Wasabi Kikaku, Inc. in NYC. It was a promotional board done for Continental Airlines and a Japanese Airline firm targeted towards their Silver Elite Frequent Flyer Customers. The job was an education in Japanese Culture and i had to really work at making my work simple as that was the look they were looking for. Here are some of the isolated drawings and boards.
They rejected the color drawing and the first girl I did, and told mw she was ugly!

Cute cartoons chibi style