Friday, October 12, 2007

almost got hurt doing these...

I decided to try my new technique LIVE one guy, the german lookin guy in red kept glaring at me, aand the other guy kept flaring his nostrils and getting angrier with those eyebrows!

The surfer meets ... a surfer

I was feeling miserable, fighting the flu , and talking the subway gods for granting me a seat on a Brooklyn Bound number 6 train. I was just about to doze off when I spotted him. He looked magnificent. An older Asian gentlemen who carried himself with elegance and grace, and was chatting with a woman directly across from me. He was a bronze color as if he just left the beach had thinning gray hair neatly combed back, and had a silver mustache the covered his mouth. He looked almost regal and I quickly got out my sketchpad, and starting drawing. He looked up from his conversation in my direction and smiled. I confessed that i was drawing him, and to my surprise he seemed flattered, and positioned himself so I could get a better look. I found out from his traveling companion that he used to be a surfer, which explained his athletic appearance. I gave him a flyer and told him that I would post his picture on my blog on Friday and to be on the lookout for it.
I hope he's reading this now.

back to subwaysurfing, and yes, they're still funny lookin

more live pics

more live pics

here they is...

more superhero stuff

forgot Mr. Fantastic and a few friends drawn as heroes... sort of

party likeness

Thought it would be a good idea to post some party pics just in case my viewers would like to hire me for party work.... HINT HINT!

Fun with superheros and a villan....

After spending a week with fellow caricature artist, Steve Dorris, whose work i will post later, I dug up some of my old superhero pics from my subwaysurfer site for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy.