Monday, June 07, 2010

Subway Prophet

As is often the case on Sunday, The Lord's Day, There was a prophet preaching the gospel on the train I was riding. This particular man of God had a very commanding appearance. Well over six feet tall... I swear he must have been around six ft five or more, complexion the color of a Hersey bar with a bushy,yet well trimmed salt and pepper goatee. You could almost see him wearing a robe sandals and carrying a shepherds staff. He spoke very articulately, slowly , and precisely, as if he was accustomed to being listened to and uninterrupted when he spoke. As soon as he finished his sermon, he rushed over to see the results of the caricature! LOL!

So Unique... I had to draw him TWICE.

There are SOME people that you reallllllly gotta ASK ....... NICELY... to do their caricature. My new friend, "UNIQUE" ... yeah, that's his name... is one of them. His appearance is truly as unique as his name is, and I literally approached him and ASKED to draw his pic to which he happily complied.
He had this star tattoo on his neck. I asked him if it hurt to put it on. In true "gangsta tough guy" mode, he simply replied,


most memorable face of the weekend

EASILY the most memorable face of the weekend. I had this great gig last Saturday that you "die for". PERFECT lighting, EASY to get to, Joyful, GENEROUS accommodating host, and guests who LOVED LOVED LOVED highly exaggerated caricatures! what more could I ask for? I was in artist heaven.
THIS man's face was sooooooo er.... compelling, that I actually had to prepare myself mentally before drawing him! He refused to remove his HAT because of self consciousness about being bald!!! THAT'S the least of your worries! I told him as I tore into this face with unbridled ferocious joy!!! He had a drop dead gorgeous wife though, but I cant quite remember her face! HIS was devastating as to block out the memory of hers....