Tuesday, June 14, 2011

WEINER-TWITT(er) Caricature of Anthony Weiner by Elgin Subwaysurfer Bolling with Definition

WEINER TWITT (er) DEFINITION:( Subwaysurfer Caricature Dictionary)
An accidental Twitter, that should have been a Quitter
One who Accidentally Tweets his Peeps.
Getting caught with your pants down.
A Politician/Person/individual Who doesn't realize, fathom, comprehend, and/or understand that twitter/and or social media is part of the internet ie. an essentially public, downloadedable public forum where your private messages can be sometimes tracked, hacked, caught, and or intercepted by others to make you a laughing stock and unwanted center of attention.

COMMON EXPRESSIONS " I/He/She/We/ They "really pulled a Weiner-Twitt!"

Folks it COULD happen. It's situations just like the one Weiner is in that results in new word definitions like the above being added to the Dictionary.

The caricature artist in me, cant help but jump, markers first, on a story so pregnant with a visual pun such as this one.Sadly , though the everyman in me feels sorry for Weiner. Heck, I LIKE Weiner. I think he's done some good things in congress.I remember him being so strong and resolute in congress, shouting down the Republicans for not having the guts to vote on the 911 healthcare bill. It was inspiring to see a politician actually get passionate about something that was clearly right. That day, Democrats were proud to be affiliated with their party, and some Republicans must have secretly admired him for showing them something they hadn't seen in a while; "a politician with a spine".
  Two years ago in October 2009, when I had to draw his face for a WAVE editorial, I practically would have paid to find a caricature of him online. If there was one, I couldn't find one, and I'm pretty good at finding things online.  Fast forward to our present time, and you can almost hurt yourself tripping visually over a Weiner caricature online.

What Weiner did was careless, irresponsible and yes, stupid.

 Ive read in the news one person had the  arrogance to  say, " If he lied to us about THIS, what else has he lied to us about?"  I would answer, "WHAT HAVE YOU LIED ABOUT?" Weiner, in my view is guilty of one major thing. Being unfaithful to his spouse. like so many other Americans who flirt online using the social media toys, Weiner forgot that he cannot do what a regular person does. He is, by his position held to a higher standard. By his own admission, he tweeted his peep, (my words here) by mistake when he meant to send an email instead. It was a tragic, boneheaded mistake, but so human that I believe him.  Again, he's got a lot of explaining to do to his wife. One crucial thing to remember also is that there has been, as of this writing, no sex involved. just-flirting online. Are we REALLY so outraged over THAT? Does this stupid mistake really erase all the good he's done in Congress and still wants to do? Are any of his staunch accusers innocent if we look into their emails? or are they just more careful? America needs to grow up and stop pretending to be outraged.

There are more important things to get outraged about..

If "Weinergate" has taught us anything, it is that the internet is a not the toy we pretend it is sometimes. It has the potential to be a maker and breaker of  reputations and tarnisher of images. What you whisper quietly in a chat room can be trumpeted on the radio. Be careful in how  you tweet your peeps. The results may not be neat.

Yeah.... corny... I  know.



Sandra Proto said...

You are on point with this one.

Thomas said...

Hi Elgin,

Is this going to be your contribution for the Wave's Weiner cartoon Weiner send-off?

Best, Tom

Elgin Subwaysurfer Bolling said...

Actually Tom, it's the first time I'm even hearing about this. You're...serious, right?

Thomas said...

Hi Elgin,


Howie, said he was taking in graphic efforts to do a pictorial send up by all the Wave cartoonists. It is in the paper today. Check it out.

I was sure you knew, as I was--apparently--the last to get on board with this.

Elgin Subwaysurfer Bolling said...

Thomas... I knew NOTHING. I submitted The Weiner Cartoon to Howard as shortly after the story broke, trying to work in the cartoon into the paper in several ways. Once in my other column, tying it in with online safety, which was not printed,finally hoping that it would be printed sometime before the story died down. I wasn't told we'd be doing a jam session type thing until I opened the paper today! (loved your take by the way)Its situations like these that make me realize that we dont OWN the paper and dont have to be told.

Elgin Subwaysurfer Bolling said...

Perhaps this was a spur of the moment thing by Howard, I'm personally glad he did decide to do it. I'd rather have my art showcased than not, and I'm not "obligated" To know when he's going to make a move. Howards a straight up guy. I do like him, so I don't mean to imply anything negatively about him

Thomas said...

Hi Elgin,

Thanks for the kind words regarding my Weiner-roast drawing.

Howie said he was putting a collection of political cartoons together from the wave triumvirate of cartoonists and wanted to know if I'd be up to making a contribution,considering I had done the previous week's editorial art.

I think they came out well, though there is something going on with the repro of my work that I'm going to have to check into.

Personally, I think it is a great (and unfortunately rare) idea to feature art in place of a written editorial. It was Boss Tweed who said, upon hearing that the newspaper had done a feature on his corruption, said, "Stop them damned pictures. I don't care so much what the papers say about me. My constituents don't know how to read, but they can't help seeing them damned pictures!" In fact, he was recognized while on the lamb, by officials who recognized him from Nast's Harper's Weekly drawings.

I didn't take anything negative regarding Howie. I have the same take on him, more or less. I've dealt with many newspaper folk over the years, he fits in with them, as they all tend to be pragmatic, laconic and to the point on almost all things.

Just the same, fun to see us all share the stage for a week.