Tuesday, February 09, 2010

JOHN THE BAPTIST.. sneak peek of my next Christ Chronicles Comic Post

John THE BAPTIST, is one of the most interesteing characters in Scripture. The son of a priest,Zechariah, he was the last in the line of Old Testament type Prophets, and the "official God appointed announcer" of Jesus, The Messiah( In case you dont know, "Christ" aint Jesus' Last name, it's Greek for Messiah) John was a rugged dude to say in the least, he lived off the land, wore camel skin coats and ate a non fat diet of locusts and honey. In my upcoming comic I take a step backwards and illustrate Johns preaching up until he baptises Jesus in the Jordan. It sure is big fun drawing this guy!

No Seats at Starbucks!!!

Theres a saying that goes, "there's Eight Million Stories in the naked city" Most of em sad ones,.... well, I got a chance to witness one of 'em, and I'll tell ya folks, Aint nothin' quite as heart breaking as seeing a loney yuppie in starbucks, trying to find a seat....

I was having my meeting with Illustrator George Ford, and looked up and there he was, this poor yuppie, hot latte in hand, desperately scanning the room with big sad eyes looking for an empty seat and finding none....

To Mr. Ford's delight, I temporarily interrupted our discussion just to capture that sad sack look on that Yuppie's face....

Poor guy had to drink his Latte standing UP! GASPPPP!!!!!

If you're sayin' to yourself,
"I see a little Peter Bagg" Influence, in this picture... give yourself a gold star!!!