Monday, April 27, 2009

Manuel vs. The Statue Of Liberty Poster Project

I was approached by an indy playwright/director to do a caricature/cartoon poster for his two person play, Manuel Vs. The Statue of Liberty. The main character, Manuel, had such an intriguing face I knew I wanted to draw it on the spot. I wish I could have exaggerated it more, but when you're doing work like this, it's more important to please the client and give them a recognizable picture of the subject, and not just your artistic rendition.
The plays very title is so intriguing, that I hope it lives up to it's hype. I have a feeling that it will.


if you're loving the way the arwork was drawn on this poster, let your passive admiration lead to decisive action! I am ready, willing, able, anxious and available to draw cartoons/caricatures to help you announce your special event. Maybe you don't need a poster, but how about a flyer, an avatar, an illustration for an EBOOK cover, or blogpost? I'm ready to go to work for you.
Email me at Prices are more affordable than you think!

This post reminds me of a poem  From my  Ebook. Anointed Verse Unrehearsed on the statue of Liberty entitled,  "Miss Liberty's Got A Lot To Say Today" heres the Link:

Let the church say amen.

God is truly no respector of person, as this intense young man here is evidence of . He showed up to Church one warm sunday morning wearing dark shades, a long floor sweeper black leather jacket, and a long boat chain around his neck that had a single key on the end of it. You didnt THINK I WOULDNT draw him???? My only regret was not being able to do a BETTER picture!

When he say me sketching him he asked, "whatareyewdoin?" I replied that he had a great "look" and I wanted to capture it. When he saw the final product he examined it for a moment then replied, " I dont get it"and walked off without additianal comment. I hope I didnt scare him away from Church for good....