Saturday, April 04, 2009


finally got a chance to do some subwaysurfing today to do some LIVE drawing. Cant wait to refine and post those for ya later in a coupla days. I did These Two live today at a gig. The first guy is affectionately nicknamed, "Pe Pe La Phew" by his coworkers, NOT becuase he smells like the Horny French Loony Tunes Skunk by the same name, but because he has a white streak of hair that stands out admist his sea of black hair. I asked him if it was a dyed job and he assured me that it wasnt. This was drawn on 8X11 cardstock from Staples, and drawn with a 0.7 Mechanical Pencil and Blending stomp.

The second lady was a flight attendant who has such an animated face that i did hers again from memory. Great drawing day! Ive been doing so many cartoons lately that i was wondering if I could still do these beautiful modeled drawings. looks like I got my answer. The kid's still got it!
She was drawn on 8X11 cardstock from Staples, and drawn a Black crayola Marker, and an Indigo Art Stixx.