Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wonder Woman!!!!

I found this great site called the BBWW:The Big Beautiful Wonder Woman Blog,where guest artists are encouraged to draw their REALLY Amazonian renditions of everyone's favorite female comic heroine.
My sketch isnt officially on the blog yet, but I couldnt help showin it to ya. It was great fun to do!
At first glance the site seems to be nothing more than a "spoof site" to draw an overweight picture of Wonder Woman. But then I got to thinking about the whole "fat phobia" issue we have here in this country. Can a person be considered "heroic" if they dont fit into the norm of what coventional beauty is? How often do we associate so called "fat" people with being dumb, having low self esteem , and being lazy? by the same token, how often do we attribute positive attributes to people who are in so called "shape?" It's interesting. Can a large woman be considered attractive, heroic, even sexy?Just something to think about.
Nevertheless, I AM a CARICATURE Artist, and I cant help making a joke about my picture, but it AINT a "Fat Joke".
In this pic Wonder Woman is pissed because She forgot where she parked her invisible plane, and is now late for her lunch date.(even big girls gotta eat, right?) If he doesnt find her ride soon, SOMEBODY is gonna get whupped with dat yellow lasso!


Sean (53AN) Gardner said...

These are all very outstanding pieces man, I 'm definitely going to have to keep checking in on you

Emily said...

The highlghts on your Wonder Woman are especially funny and well done!

jason quinones said...

did you find out about BBWW from my blog?? haha!

it's the first link in my second link list!! i've been meaning to submit something there for the longest time but i'm such a lazy bastard!! and the 9 to 5's a killer lately too.

this is an awesome piece too btw. love the scowl on her and her big highlighted nips are hilarious!!

jason quinones said...

she's like an obese peggy bundy.

love the stumpy legs and cool coloring too!

freakin' funny man.

Elgin Subwaysurfer Bolling said...

As a matter of fact, I DID first read about the wonder woman blog on your site! LOL! You really SHOULD submit something there!