Monday, February 11, 2008

Got cha game face on.

I got caurght riding the L train during school hours at 3pm today. This is something I genrally try to avoid as there is usually too and "drama" on the train arond that time and I just prefer a more relaxed risde when Im drawing.

Still... if one MUST draw....
I found myself drwn to the ONE guys face. (pun unintended) He was alone and had this scowling "game " face froxen in place. It seemed to say, "Im a tough guy! Dont bother me!" " I dont need a gang!!" I felt a little sorry that some teenagers have to play this role just to survive their afternoon commute and get home unharmed.

This other guy.. ha! he wuz just FUNNY to draw! Loved that unibrow, even from the side view!

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