Friday, February 15, 2008

Im red hot!!!

The dude with the glasses is a local neighborhood residnt, named Ray who looked over my shoulder while I was at the bus stop today drawing my picture of my son, Gerard, feature above. I recognized Ray's face from 3 years before when I drew him one summer and commented on what a character he was! He laughed, and talked for the next half hour about cartooning and animation, two interests he had. I promised ray that I would draw another picture of him, featured here, of course, and that I would track down the original one and give it to him.

While trading in my cell phone at the Sprint store, one of the workers walked in from his break and had the most interesting expression, I captured hi immediately and worked on it on my train ride into the city.
Im starting to use a blending stomp with my pencil work now and liking the nice "airbrushy" effect it has. What a satisfying tool, pencil is!

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