Thursday, May 29, 2008

Caricature of big lips man

This is a party guest who REALLLLY wanted to get his picture doe. I noticed that one side of his mouth came up a couple of seconds before the other side did and captured that. He loved it. This guy had mega sized lips also. This is one of the things that make for a great caricature. When a person has a really outstanding facial feature it just makes drawing humorously a breeze

There are some African Americans who are very sensitive about a drawing like this. The tendency of some is to label such a depiction as "racist" and hint that it is reminiscent of how Black people were portrayed in film, comics, and animation years ago. While there exists certainly cartoon depictions that are in fact derogatory and demeaning, the question needs to be asked about the intent if the artist.

In the case of this pictures context, it is nothing more than an exaggerated amplification of a facial feature that is observable and measurable. My intent, always , is caricature. Pure and simple. Unlike political caricature, when I draw party caricature, I stay away from extreme exaggeration as it has a tendency to embarrass people, and make them the target of jokes by their fellow party guests! I never want to sacrifice Antibes self esteem, or ruin a party atmosphere, and I don't. BUT THERE ARE THOSE TIMES WHEN EXAGGERATION IS REQUESTED AND WELCOMED as in this case.

Overall, I've found that if people have issues with exaggeration it has a lot to do with their personal esteem body facial issues, and emotional associations. No artist can please everyone.

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